Nashville Radio Show: The Moving Canvas

Rhonda Shaw, a local artist, born and raised in Tennessee. Started The Moving Canvas Mobile Paint party after a friend requested that she host one for a lady’s night at her house. Rhonda created a picture and instructed them on how to paint it, and everyone enjoyed themselves and their pictures were all awesome! She posted it on her Facebook page and people started requesting her to host theirs and it took off from there.

Self taught how to paint in 2013, and since then, has been doing commissioned pieces for her clients. Recently, Rhonda doesn't like to waste paint and started painting on different products like water bottles, journals, planners, coffee mugs, back packs, and wine glasses. Her products are going to be available in a few stores like The Walking closet in Murfreesboro.

Rhonda works on doing a few after school paint classes for kids at a few schools for 5th grade and up, at John Early and Jere Baxter, as well as a lot of paint parties for kid's birthday parties, and they are so much fun!

Rhonda Shaw's mission is to bring the artist out of any and everyone she meets. People have no idea the creativity within them. Rhonda says, "Everyone is an artist in their own way, and It’s my duty to show them and bring that artist out!" Her goal is to have the city, then state ...everyone doing some form of art because it is very necessary for peace of mind and relaxation. Especially kids who may not ever get to know art unless someone actually introduces it to them, and actually cares that they understand that they are artist.

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