Nashville Radio Show: ABLE

ABLE’S ORIGIN: The inspiration behind ABLE’s founding and how Barrett and his wife Rachel came to the conclusion that creating jobs for vulnerable women is a solution to end generational poverty.

NASHVILLE: How ABLE came to work with women locally in Nashville after getting its start in Ethiopia, the jobs we’ve created here, and some stories of ABLE women overcoming extraordinary circumstances

ACCOUNTABLE: As ABLE has grown into a full fashion lifestyle brand, measuring the businesses’ social impact has been critical. So much so that we created the ACCOUNTABLE auditing platform. Talk a little about what ACCOUNTABLE is and why it matters to evaluate the wages, safety, and equality in the workplace in fashion.
Fashion’s dirty secret and publishing wages as the solution.

Less than 2% of the people who make fashion actually earn a living wage, meaning nearly all struggle to meet their basic needs. To ABLE, that is unacceptable.
ABLE is the first brand to publish its lowest wages because we believe arming consumers with complete transparency is the only way to protect and empower the women who make fashion.

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