Nashville Radio Show: Build Her a Bridge

Build Her a Bridge was founded on the basis of bringing together young women and celebrating the love and gift of God through creativity, journaling, and small group/break out sessions. We are in existence to build up and bridge out with one another and the community. build her a bridge is a ministry and resource guide for tween girls and their families.

The importance of getting girls together where they can inspire and empower one another rather than tear each other down, the importance of girls working together, girls who come from different backgrounds and socio-economic status and education background still have so much in common.

Erasing the stigma of girls who are powerless and helpless. And what are our goals moving forward, where we see build her a bridge in the upcoming year or two. (conferences mostly).

The upcoming events we're doing at build her a bridge with Sophia's gymnastics book coming out in the spring, working on an online broadcasting channel where it's facilitated by myself and other adults (such as youth leaders or parents) but youth girls will lead and lastly Continuing our partnerships with other nonprofit agencies who have similar values and beliefs and where our girls can be the hands and feet in their community.

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