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Academies of Nashville: Through their academy, students are exposed to a multitude of career and college opportunities, industry skills, and potential employers by way of classroom speakers, site visits, job shadowing and internships. Families have their choice of more than 39 different academies within the 12 largest neighborhood high schools in MNPS.

Whether it is a student, a teacher, or a business partner, there are thousands of stories of how the Academies of Nashville have impacted lives.

During the 2006-2007 school year, the Academies of Nashville was only a dream—an ambitious, high school transformation effort that would bring together families, educators, and the community to improve our schools. Ten years later, that dream has come to fruition. Graduation rates have increased. Student attendance is at an all-time high. Discipline referrals have significantly dropped. Business engagement in the school system has never been stronger and more powerful. But, there is much more to this success than the statistics alone. It is the stories that touch our hearts. While this Storybook only captures a snapshot of the work and accomplishments of the past decade, it is a reflection of the lives that have been touched and changed because of the Academies of Nashville and Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools.

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