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The Middle Tennessee region is expected to grow by 1 million more people in the next 25 years. Nashville is changing as a result. We, as a city, need to more people more efficiently. “One person, one car” cannot be the future of downtown Nashville. There is not enough room.
Cars are big and if you look at all of the empty space being taken up by all of the empty seats in all of those cars trying to navigate their way through the city, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that if we shared space on buses or vans or filled the empty seats by carpooling, our streets would be a lot more efficient and more people would be able to move through more quickly. So, we are looking initially at the 72,000 employees who work downtown, of which 81% drive alone. Many of them have regular commute schedules and with a little information and encouragement, would be happy to ditch their solitary drive for other options.

What services does Nashville Connector provide?
Nashville Connector is the hub for Nashville’s employers and employees to plan a better commute. We are your local experts in all things commuting. We know what has worked around the country for employers large and small. And we have our finger on the pulse of what employers are doing locally here in the Nashville area. We provide customized transportation analyses and information to help businesses and employees understand all the region’s transportation options and opportunities.

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