What Should Companies Focus on the Most?

The customers are the ones who help make businesses stay afloat. Customer experience is the top priority and the major factor for all businesses and with it rapidly evolving, the need to learn how to put forth the best is needed. Research reveals that more than two-thirds of the company’s competitive advantage in the field is based on the experience they provide.

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What is Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is defined as the interactions between the consumer and the institution from their business relationship. However, it is also pinpointed to how the customer themselves perceive the brand and their involvement with them.

How to Improve CX

A company should have three goals: improve customer experience and value and spark growth. These positive experiences can lead customers who are pleased with their interactions to work with the company again and become loyal customers.

Research by American Express showed that 60% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

  • Having a clear vision for your brand on customer experience. Establish how the service needs to be portrayed and create a set of guidelines that should be taken into consideration.
  • Having a team of employees who are team-oriented, invested in the brand/company. Their ability to communicate and connect with people can attract potential customers.
  • Understand your customers and their needs. If they have a problem, resolve it in a timely manner and the interaction needs to be polite and engaged. A study by Zendesk revealed that 69% of participants found that a quick resolution to their problem was one of the most important factors, and the following was being helped by a pleasant person.
  • Asking for feedback is essential. It assures the company on what they did right or what they need improvement on. According to Forrester, 39% of companies do not regularly ask customers for feedback about their interactions.

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