Nashville Radio Show: Turnip Green Creative Reuse

Turnip Green Creative Reuse (TGCR) is based out of passion and research started in 2010 by founding board members. They have visited other creative reuse centers across the country bringing her knowledge to the business plan for TGCR. TGCR is being built based on a model out of Durham NC, The Scrap Exchange. The board and program committee of TGCR is diverse, including environmentalists, nonprofit executives, several artists, and community members. With the wide range of expertise, TGCR has been able to do a lot in our community in a short amount of time.

TGCR has 4 areas of service: a retail donate what you wish ($) store, education/outreach, artist support, and a green gallery. It provides a welcoming and neutral place for artists, educators, and any creative person to connect. We hold a high priority to serve the art community as well as work with children in our community, bringing them ways to create from what they see going in the trash everyday.

Core Values
* Everyone deserves access to education & materials.
* Valuing teachers and artists.
* Foster, educate and inspire reduce, reuse then recycle.
* Everyone deserves the opportunity for a creative experience and to be inspired in a safe and welcoming community

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