The SPARK: A Collaborative Approach to Building Success

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a collaborative approach to building success for our community. The more we work together, and each bring our strengths, expertise, and resources to the table, the more we can solve problems and create new opportunities that will benefit us all. And, the more we can mentor and guide our youth and next generation of leaders, the more sustainable and long-lasting our efforts will become. Here in Memphis, we’re fortunate to have so many organizations taking a collaborative approach, like NEXUS Leaders, which is encouraging and equipping the next generation of leaders through proven mentoring, teaching and service; the Memphis Medical District Collaborative, which is working with stakeholders and partners to make the area more livable, vibrant and safe; and Southwest Tennessee Community College, which is offering a high quality and affordable post-secondary education while engaging companies to make sure students are prepared to enter the workforce with successful employment. 

Memphis Partners

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