Nashville Radio Show: Raphah Institute

Raphah Institute has grown out of a vision to empower people to change the future of their community. The background of our founder, Travis Claybrooks, as both a law enforcement officer and a pastor drove him to look outside of the church walls for ways to help positively transform people and communities. As a result, he launched a church dedicated to supporting families of children in juvenile detention. Through this partnership with the juvenile court, Judge Sheila Calloway informed him of her efforts to launch a restorative justice diversion program for kids coming through her court. She asked him to submit a proposal on launching and leading the program to the criminal justice system partners, which included District Attorney Glenn Funk, Public Defender Dawn Deanor, Police Chief Steve Anderson, and representatives from the mayor's office. As a result, in July 2017, Raphah Institute was selected to lead the effort. This was the beginning of its flagship program, the Restorative Justice Diversion Program.

Raphah Institute empowers people and communities to heal from the effects of trauma by designing and implementing education, advocacy and treatment systems. Whether you are a philanthropist, a community partner, a volunteer or employee, or are in need of our direct services, by partnering with us, you can change the future of an individual, family, even an entire community...for good.

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