Nashville Radio Show: Project Connect Nashville

Project Connect Nashville works on the front lines to connect with the homeless and other at-risk people who live in poverty. We seek to build trusting relationships by nurturing, nudging, encouraging, feeding, and simply loving broken people.

• We have 2 locations and opening a 3rd later in 2019. We are a faith-based organization helping families and individuals struggling in poverty to be hopeful and stable holistically in health, living wage employment, stewardship, trauma informed care and more.
• Poverty and being poor is more complicated than we think (talk about different ways to define poverty). It is so much more than “just getting a job”.
• Poverty alleviation is a long process and thus the community connecting to the poor and homeless is important in that journey (i.e. someone who is poor often has experienced trauma and their emotional age can be around the time of that trauma which can complicate keeping a job or even housing)
• Initiative 1: Housing Initiative 2: Homeless program called “The Samaritan Project”
• every 2nd Saturday of each month we work with local artists connecting families with means to the poor and the homeless (10 am to noon)

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