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The Nashville SCORE chapter provides business mentoring services and educational workshops to entrepreneurs and business owners located in the 30 counties comprising middle Tennessee.

• Nashville is a hugely entrepreneurial city, which is why there are over 100 organizations designed specifically to help small businesses launch and become successful. SCORE is one of the largest, and the only one driven by a group of dedicated, volunteer mentors. We may also have the biggest impact. In 2018 for example, we helped:
o launch 220 small businesses
o create 452 non-owner jobs, and
o provided 3,666-chapter services (mentoring sessions and workshops)

• Nashville is also a very unique city, because under the leadership of Audra Ladd in the Mayor’s office, a group of the top 15 Entrepreneurial- focused organizations have come together to create the Entrepreneurial/Small Business Ecosystem. We work together on initiatives with the understanding being that our collective goal is to help small businesses become successful. This type of collaboration is unusual, yet highly effective and is the model for several other large cities.

• Nashville SCORE has over 40 mentors each with a unique set of business experiences and skills. We pair clients to mentors based on best need to skill fit. But it is rare for a mentor to know everything, so we frequently co-mentor and have a group of SME's (Subject Matter Experts) we bring in for these situations. We also provide business advisory services and will pull together a group of three to four mentors to sit on an advisory board for a small business to perform annual or bi-annual reviews. These offerings bring depth to our mentoring services. And where else can you get this type of help for free.

• Nashville SCORE also offers weekly workshops to provide assistance with writing business plans, creating a business model, creating financial projections, etc. These classes are 3 hours long, cost only $25.00 and greatly assist with our mentoring because the instructors and content are excellent. For those already in business, we offer a monthly lunch and learn on topics more geared to small business owners.

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