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Delta Dental is comprised of a network of companies to help you connect to your dental insurance and improve your oral health. To improve the overall wellness of the people in the communities we serve through our products, advocacy, education, and philanthropy.

• Our Mission is “Ensuring healthy smiles” – the “e” is intentional as our mission is not just about the products we sell, it’s also a reflection of our focus on service and the communities we serve.
• A smile can impact the whole health of a person—from being able to chew and eat nutritious food, to being able to speak, to the mental state and self-esteem. At Delta Dental, we believe everyone deserves a healthy smile and our work is a reflection of this belief.
• Our advocacy work has helped to expand the Tennessee Dental Safety Net from simply reimbursing clinics for pulling teeth to relieve pain to include supplemental funding for dentures and partials to help restore the smiles for the working poor.
• The clinics we support in Middle TN – Interfaith Dental Clinic and Neighborhood Health – are bringing smiles back to our neighbors.
• Children’s hospitals across the state, including Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, are equipped to meet the oral health needs of the patients on those campuses—a child needing radiation or chemo cannot go to the dentist but they also cannot start that needed treatment if there is any infection in the body, including the mouth.
• Tennessee’s two dental schools, including Meharry, have simulation labs and other spaces we have helped fund to help ensure they are best prepared to treat patients.
• We believe an educated society will be a healthy society. Our corporate philanthropy includes programs like Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation and Tennessee Performing Arts Center, both with programs to help enrich the education of our youth so they may grow to a healthy adulthood.

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