Radio Show: Massive Adoption

Massive Adoption in Memphis! is a 2000+ person event designed to give attendees the opportunity to experience and learn about blockchain-powered products in real life and to educate themselves about the massive potential of this market and the amazing power of this technology. This will be done through TEDx-style (short focused keynotes) talks and interactive real-life experiences with crypto wallets, dApps, games and more. We're hosted by the FedEx Institute of Technology and The University of Memphis UMRF Research Park, with tremendous support from the Memphis community. We are expecting 2000+ attendees, mainly from outside the world of crypto and blockchain, who are actively interested in learning about the space.

Massive Adoption is a 2000-attendee conference coming to Memphis, TN on November 7-8. Hosted by the FedEx Institute of Technology and the UMRF (University of Memphis Research Park).

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