Nashville Radio Show: Root Nashville-Cumberland River Compac

Root Nashville is a public/private partnership with leadership from Mayor David Briley’s administration. Root Nashville will plant 500,000 trees in Nashville by 2050.

• What is Root Nashville & how it got started

  • public-private partnership to plant 500,000 trees in Davidson County by 2050
  • launched October 2018, planted 5,500+ trees since then
  • led by Cumberland River Compact and Metro Nashville, especially Metro Water Services
  • partnership-oriented and all 1" caliper trees count towards the goal (ex: trees planted by Nashville Tree Foundation + other nonprofits + other individuals all count towards the goal)
  • started from Livable Nashville Committee + why now (growth of the city and aging canopy)

• Key outcomes for the campaign

  • big planting goal # but also sub-goals: equitable canopy distribution, reduced respiratory illness, improved stream quality, reduced urban heat island effect, minimize impact of emerald ash borer
  • focusing on human health benefits, in addition to environmental benefits

• How to get involved

  • businesses: sponsor a planting
  • individuals: volunteer, donate, spread the word
  • neighborhood groups: sponsor a planting, spread the word, send ideas for planting sites

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