Nashville Radio Show: RISE Southern Biscuits & Chicken

Rise serves Southern Biscuits, Righteous Chicken Sandwiches and Sweet Stuff all day long, waitstaff-free and with a swift service line. Our fluffy, buttermilk and cheddar biscuits are made from scratch and filled with savory ingredients ranging from crispy bacon and country sausage to fried green tomatoes and our famous Righteous Chicken.

We opened Rise in Durham in 2012 with a simple vision…serve great food made with premium quality ingredients by people who care. In doing so, we pushed boundaries with flavor combinations and made breakfast fun again. Since then, we’ve expanded to seventeen locations in North Carolina, Kansas, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee, with new stores on the way.

There’s a good story that incorporates my love of food and service into the Durham dining culture that bred that in me. The founder of Rise who is a good friend of mine for the last 15 years was bred from the same culture. And it all resonates in Rise and what we do there. I’ve been really humbled and honored to bring that to Nashville.

  • Nashville food scene: It’s absolutely remarkable. I cannot believe what an amazing food town I have
  • Podcasts in general: Where have these been all my life?? I’ve recently turned into a podcast junkie.
  • Open Daily 7am - 9pm

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