Nashville Radio Show: BE-Hive

The idea is that The BE Hive is a collective... a campaign for GOOD. They serve good, plant based whole foods, at a good price, and raise money and awareness for organizations that are doing good. All parties benefit from The Hive: the customer, the organization, the host restaurant, and the Hive itself.

The BE-Hive strives to make plant-based eating easier and more accessible through our products, events and catering. We offer retail and wholesale items, are open for a vegan deli, and host seasonal dinners that benefit our community.

  • How does the BE-Hive make plant-based eating easier for both consumers and businesses?
  • What kind of community engagement and events does the BE-Hive produce? (Weekend deli, Menu Takeovers like with Nicky's Coal-Fired and Transou along with End Of Summer Cookouts, etc.)
  • Share more about the future plans for the BE-Hive!

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