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Generous is a tool that has modernized giving by using technology to create a better way to give by making philanthropy timely, relevant and impactful. The platform allows donors to pinpoint causes aligned with their passions and provides donation opportunities that maximize the impact of donors’ generosity.

Americans are generous. We live in a country full of generosity. Americans are inclined to give. In fact, Americans give an estimated $427 billion every year. A large majority of that- $292 billion – come from individual donors.

There are a record number of philanthropic organizations. It’s hard to know which ones to support, and which ones have specific needs at any given time. There are over 1.5 million nonprofits in the US, and over 3,000 in Middle Tennessee alone.

So how can we tap into generous Americans who are eager to give and help them find the causes that they care about and need them the most….and most importantly, support those organizations that are making Nashville, and the world, a better place?

And how can we help nonprofits alert givers about specific, timely donation needs where donors can make a difference right away?

The platform also pushes organizations’ specific needs to donors so that givers become aware of giving opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t know about and contribute right away to support the cause at hand.

Now anyone can make a meaningful difference for causes they care most about in a simple, safe web-based environment.

There are lots of ways to give through Generous.

  • Matching campaigns - we work with nonprofit partners to double existing grants and increase the number of small and midsized gifts through matching campaigns.
  • Bundling – we create opportunities to simultaneously support several organizations working toward a common cause. Currently donors can make single donations to support five Nashville nonprofits through the Generous “Holiday Bundle.”
  • Curating - for philanthropic individuals who are eager to give but are unsure of which causes to support, Generous curates’ specific organizations by asking users a series of questions to pinpoint causes that align with donors’ interests.

Generous has launched its platform in Nashville and focusing on helping several local nonprofits.

Nashville has a long history of generosity, and many wonderful and inspiring nonprofits aimed at tackling several important issues. Some of our initial partners include Abe’s Garden, Crossroads Campus, Martha O’Bryan Center, Music Health Alliance, Nashville Food Project, Pedigree Foundation, Project Return, Room in the Inn, Shade Tree Clinic, Soles4Souls and Southern Word. These partners alone represent over $250 million in donation opportunities.

Find out how you can help all of these great Nashville causes today by going to our website – Creating a Generous profile is easy and secure. Upon establishing an account, meaningful giving becomes as easy as clicking a button. Users can also be notified of timely giving opportunities, like disaster relief funds. The platform can also guide users’ giving by helping donors set and reach donation goals. Users also receive impact statements to see the difference their donations have made. The platform’s privacy settings ensure transactions are safe and secure. Tax receipts are consolidated so that all giving is compiled for end-of-year deductions.

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