Nashville Radio Show: Community Achieves

Working with community partners, the schools with Community Achieves staff offer programs focused on four key areas: College and Career Readiness, Family Engagement, Health and Wellness, and Social Services. 

What is Community Achieves?  

  • A community school unites families, educators, and community partners to provide students with academics, enrichment, health and social services.
  • Community Achieves is a community school initiative led by the Support Services division of Metro Nashville Public schools.
  • Community Achieves Mission:
  • Schools: Number of schools & tier (elementary, middle, high)

What does collaboration between families, educators, and partners look like in a Community Achieves school? 

  • Structure: a person to coordinate partnerships and programs, needs assessment, strategic plan, partner meeting
  • Attendance barriers – incentives,
  • Academic barriers – tutors, after-school programs
  • Basic needs – food pantry, clothing closet, hygiene items, laundry services
  • Health & wellness – health screenings, incentives,

How can someone listening get involved?

  • One-time donations – food, clothing, toiletries, household items like laundry detergent. (as of December 28, 1056 food items have been given to students/families, 11,280 clothing items, 20,414 supplies, 39, 410 toiletries
  • Volunteer – one time or ongoing, lunch buddy, reading partner, test proctor
  • School strategic plans can be found at

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