The SPARK: Technology

This month on The SPARK our theme is “Technology.”  We’ll learn more about a local organization with multiple clubs, a technical training center, and a summer residence camp for youth. We’ll explore a state of the art learning lab for teens that’s connected to an organization enhancing the Memphis Public Library; and a global technology and solutions consulting company focused on innovation, problem solving, and the Internet of Things. 


The Guests:

Diane Jalfon, Executive Director, Memphis Library Foundation and CLOUD901

Keith Blanchard, President and Chief Executive Officer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis

Sridhar Sunkara, CEO/Marketing Technologist, eBiz Solutions


Technology is rapidly re-shaping the way we communicate, connect, learn, and view the world; it’s impacting commerce, jobs, medicine, health, and relationships. It’s estimated that every 12 to 18 months, computers are doubling their capabilities and so do the information technologies that use them. We live in an era of constant change and in order to stay competitive in today’s marketplace, our youth, graduates, and professionals must be equipped with the skills and experience to utilize and leverage technology for success. That’s why the work that Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis and the Memphis Library Foundation with their CLOUD901 and Explore Memphis programs are so important. Likewise, companies like eBiz Solutions are helping to not only ensure local organizations use technology effectively and remain ahead of the curve, they’re also giving back and using their expertise to make a difference in our community. 


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