Make the Most of the Holidays to Help Your Job Search

Make the Most of the Holidays to Help Your Job Search

This time of year can be tough when it comes to searching for a job. We only have about a week left before many corporate leaders go on vacation and things start slowing down dramatically around the office, which means hiring decisions get put on hold until after the New Year. Since many I know are facing a career transition and looking for new opportunities, including my brother who just recently moved to our city, I figured now was the perfect time to share some thoughts and tips from my recent cityCURRENT radio show interview with career coach, Angela Copeland (listen to the interview below). Copeland is the founder of Copeland Coaching, host of the Copeland Coaching podcast, author of the syndicated “Career Corner” column, and author of the book, “Breaking the Rules & Getting The Job,” so she had lots of advice to offer on the subject.

Copeland’s first tip was to use the holiday “slowness” to your advantage and to avoid hitting the “pause button” until after the New Year. Use this time to update and polish your resume and LinkedIn profile. Make sure everything is up to date, that you have statistics and stories that detail your ability to lead and deliver results, and that you spotlight your community service, as well. Complete your Summary Section on your LinkedIn profile, make sure your picture is professional, and make sure to use your LinkedIn Dashboard where you can list career interests and “Let recruiters know you’re open.”

Then, knowing that things are slower around the office, use this time to reach out to business and community leaders, asking them for a quick meeting, lunch or coffee, where they can offer their suggestions about ways you can break into their industry or learn from their experience. As I once heard a business leader mention, “Successful people love sharing how they became successful.” So, use that your advantage by creating opportunities to connect personally with more people, who might have a little bit more free time on their hands at the office.

Lastly, use holiday parties to your advantage. Right now, there are tons of holiday events being hosted publically and privately all throughout the Mid-South. These parties and events are the perfect places to meet business and community leaders who might not otherwise be accessible during the workday and week. Make it a point to reach out to event organizers and hosts ahead of time and ask for some of the names of the attendees, so you can do some research beforehand. Go online to find what the attendees look like, what they do and what nonprofits or causes they support, so when you walk into the event you’re fully prepared to have an engaging conversations. If you do your homework, you’ll walk out of each holiday party with new connections who will spark new opportunities for you. So, even though we only have a few weeks left in 2017 and things might seem slower, use this opportunity to make the most of the holidays and to give you a jumpstart on finding the career of your dreams before or in 2018!  




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