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Cummins is bringing a global program to a Memphis high school, marking a first for the company.

Cummins currently has 22 Technical Education for Communities [TEC] sites around the globe, though none are currently located within the U.S. But, on Thursday, that will change as the company and its more than 10 local partners sign a Memorandum of Understanding to mark the official launch of the initiative at T-STEM Academy East High School. The program will begin in August.

TEC targets the technical skills gap through vocational education programs; in Memphis, the program will focus on developing future diesel technicians.

Cummins is the world’s largest independent diesel engine manufacturer. Our products do everything from carry groceries to our groceries stores to providing backup power for the Statue of Liberty. We power the buses that transport children to school and people to work. Cummins is a company committed to innovation and we are currently working on the next generation of energy-diverse power solutions. Cummins provides the power solutions of today and is dedicated to being a front-runner in delivering the energy solutions of tomorrow. Cummins is also deeply rooted in the success of the city of Memphis as we employee over 700 people and engage in various activities throughout the year to support the needs of our local communities. Memphis is critical to our business as a whole, so we have a vested interest to ensure the continued growth and success of Memphis and its citizens.

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