The SPARK: Technology as a Solution

Technology is not just shaping the way we connect and communicate, it’s transforming the way we fight crime, we teach and help our children learn and succeed, we ideate and create new products, environments, and opportunities to stand out, enrich our lives, and impact our businesses. Schools, like Bodine School, are using technology in the classroom to bring learning to life and to help students overcome dyslexia and learn to read, write, and spell. They’re using Innovation Labs that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics to prepare students not just for the next grade, but for the real world. Organizations like Memphis Shelby Crime Commission are using technology to collaborate with stakeholders, to research, track and predict crimes in order to prevent them and make our community safer. And, companies, like Skyline Exhibits MidSouth, are integrating and leveraging technology to deliver innovative designs and unique experiences that add a whole new dimension to tradeshows, meetings, and events. So, yes, indeed, technology can be a powerful solution! 


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