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In this week's Radio Show interview, learn more about Church Health's MEMPHIS Plan: Affordable Healthcare for Small Businesses

The MEMPHIS Plan is Church Health’s affordable healthcare plan for small businesses and self-employed people. However, it is not health insurance. It offers quality, affordable healthcare to those in lower-wage jobs by relying on donated services from volunteer doctors, area hospitals, and laboratories.

Is it Right for Me?
Simply, the MEMPHIS Plan provides very affordable healthcare for uninsured working people who fall through the cracks of the current healthcare system because they earn too much to qualify for state or federal programs, by way of the aforementioned donated services. It helps small businesses be able to provide an essential benefit to their employees, and addresses a need in the current affordable healthcare system.

For those who qualify, the MEMPHIS Plan office will assign you (and your dependents, if applicable) to one primary care physician who you will see for a $5 co-pay every time, in addition to your personal $50/month (at least $10/month paid by your employer). In addition, you will be assigned to a specific hospital in the case of an emergency, and if you go to the one properly assigned, it will also be only a $5 co-pay.
In the case of needing to see specialists, one should make an appointment with their assigned primary care physician and that physician will make the appropriate referral, which will insure that the specialist’s services are also covered under the Plan.

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