The SPARK: Moving Forward with Faith

This month on The SPARK, our WKNO / PBS TV show, our theme is “Moving Forward with Faith.” 

We’ll learn more about Calvary Rescue Mission, a local faith-based nonprofit rebuilding the lives of homeless men; AngelStreet, an organization mentoring girls with music education and opportunities to shine; and My Town MiraclesMy Town RoofingMy Town Movers, a set of companies known as “My Town” that are set up to support the mission of being a miracle to those who really need one. 

Bob Freudiger, Executive Director, CALVARY Rescue Mission
Jill Hunter Dyson, Founder and Executive Director, AngelStreet
Noel Fenderson, Co-Founder and Co-Owner, My Town Movers/My Town Roofers and Co-Founder and Board Member with My Town Miracles
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