Radio Show: PRIZM Ensemble

The PRIZM Ensemble builds community through chamber music education and performance. They are a group of classically-trained Memphis musicians who are the ensemble-in-residence at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church. They are committed to developing and highlighting local talent. They have attended the world's great music schools and they perform high-level, interactive chamber music concerts that focus on giving audiences the necessary tools to be engaged and active listeners. Typically, at PRIZM concerts, there is child care available, and with an interest in early exposure to music, children from the nursery are invited into the hall to enjoy select movements from the performance.

The PRIZM Ensemble also teaches and performs at the PRIZM Chamber Music Festival which is the only festival of its kind in the state of Tennessee that brings together amateur, professional and student musicians. It combines chamber music playing/training, orchestral playing/training through performance in an un-conducted orchestra, and educational programs such as workshops and master classes. This format cultivates a love for classical music, specifically chamber music. The PRIZM Chamber Music Festival was first held in June 2009 and runs for a period of 5 consecutive days. By proactively promoting classical music, specifically chamber music, the festival is making an outstanding contribution to Memphis' diverse cultural heritage and acts as a window, displaying the talents of Memphis' young and amateur musicians.

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