Giving Back: Celebrating SPARK Awards 2018 Nominees: Part 2

Giving Back: Celebrating SPARK Awards 2018 Nominees: Part 2

Last week we started sharing some of the pubic nominations that were submitted for our cityCURRENT and WKNO produced televised awards show, The SPARK Awards. Once again, these are quotes from some of the public nominations we received; and these are all current “nominees” for the show, which honors organizations and individuals in 13 different categories, who are making a difference in the Mid-South. We’re sharing these stories to inspire each of us with the GOOD taking place here in our city.  

“For over 40 years, the Ballard family has been providing services to the Memphis community through Neighborhood Christian Centers, Inc. (NCC). First starting out through the efforts of Dr. JoeAnn Ballard and her late husband Monroe Ballard as a compassionate centered ministry addressing the critical needs of their neighbors including food, clothing, furniture and shelter. Their servant hearts and untiring efforts basically forged the DNA of their daughter, Ephie Ballard Johnson, enabling her to take the reins of the ministry and grow it into the organization that it is today. Thousands of lives have been impacted by the efforts of NCC and Ephie's unwavering desire to help those in need is modeled daily. NCC has eight locations in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Memphis. Ephie has an infectious love for Memphis and the communities that NCC serves. She looks for the good in everybody and strives daily to help break the cycle of generational poverty that exists in far too many of our neighborhoods. Ephie is a true leader, a community servant, and an inspiration to all who work with her…”

Martha Boyd has been involved with the Calvary Mission in Memphis, helping feed homeless men and providing shelter for them. She volunteers at the Mission by serving food as well as raising funds for the mission. She has even been able to influence her co-workers to help out, as well as the Company to provide the food occasionally. She works tirelessly in her efforts all while fighting her own health issues and helping her husband with his. She would totally be embarrassed by any recognition of her work, she just feels like she's doing what she can to help someone who needs a hand.”

Jordan Carpenter helped launch a movement with F3 Memphis that has been changing the lives of men across the MId-South. F3 is a men's workout group. Its stated mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Jordan's efforts to enact this mission in our city has personally made me a better husband and leader. I think I'm one of a multitude of men that has been positively affected via Jordan's vision to bring F3 workouts to Memphis.”

Coach Bandy and Coach Brown have made a significant and long-lasting positive impact on the lives of young men (ages 18-22) since founding the Faith Prep organization in 2015. This institution prepares disadvantaged young men for successful integration into college, and more importantly, manhood. Over 30+ athletes have signed athletic scholarships as a direct result of their involvement with FaithPrep and corresponding SAT/ACT Prep courses. I've known Coach Bandy and Coach Brown to sacrifice much at their own expense, whether that be through their personal finances, career advancement, and personal time, to ensure that students meet Faith Prep's 100% success rate of graduates receiving college scholarships…”

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