Celebrating SPARK Awards 2018 Nominees: Part 5

Celebrating SPARK Awards 2018 Nominees: Part 5

Over the last four weeks, we’ve been sharing some of the public nominations that were submitted for our cityCURRENT and WKNO produced televised awards show, The SPARK Awards. These are quotes from some of the public nominations we received; and these are all current “nominees” for the show, which honors organizations and individuals in 13 different categories, who are making a difference in the Mid-South. We’re sharing these stories to inspire each of us with the GOOD taking place here in our city.  

The Memphis Morning Center has been providing prenatal through postpartum care to moms in need at no charge since 2013. This team of people works diligently to serve the moms, ensuring they receive the highest level of care regardless of their income, social status, etc. This service is ultimately having a positive impact on the city of Memphis, even though it goes relatively unnoticed. Our clinics are set up in underserved neighborhoods, in an effort to remove transportation challenges. To date, they have helped to deliver over 550 healthy babies. The moms we serve are frequently in very difficult situations…We have highly trained medical professionals providing care, and adhere to HIPPA standards for medical privacy. The volunteers we have are awesome. They understand that when they care for the children of one of our patients, it provides the opportunity for our medical team to not only meet the maternity need, but to also listen to the challenges, hurts, and frustrations they are dealing with. The Memphis Morning Center is a compassionate team that works incredibly hard to meet a massive need in Memphis, TN.”

“Over the last 4 years Jeff Riddle has recruited over 2,000 college students to serve in Memphis as the Director of Serve901. Jeff's knowledge of partner nonprofits’ needs and ability to connect college students from around the country with service opportunities to meet those needs is unparalleled. Originally from East Tennessee Jeff and his wife Callie have made Memphis home, both working in education, housing development, and volunteer coordination for years. Members of Downtown Church, Jeff and Callie exemplify the best of what being a citizen of the country’s most generous city means.”

Alisha Dumas takes pride in servicing her community through a variety of outlets. She prioritizes community involvement by donating nearly all of her free time. Year round she sponsors the Memphis Dream Center in an effort to support at risk youth by providing them leadership and educational opportunities. She donates both her time and money to the cause. Through the Dream Center and her church she has collected coats for the children at Douglas Elementary, fed thousands of students weekend meals, helped with their events, and prepared the meals for at risk youth…She also works closely with Lebohneur. She sponsors and donates her time to Laughs for Lebohneur, an initiative that uses comedy to raise money for the hospital. She also recently visited the hospital with her team at work to pass out coloring books and teddy bears to the children…She also is part of adopt a highway where her and her team spend part of their weekend keeping a section of Poplar trash free…She is always leading and pushing her team, family, friends, and church family to help out in the community. At work she makes sure her team is out at least once a month doing something for the community…She is constantly thinking of others, praying for them, and coming up with ways she can help…”


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