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Author Jeremy C. Park offers two books that will help you in your professional and personal journey of achieving happiness and success, while also giving back to help others and your community.  It starts with defining your purpose and realizing that the key to success can be found in the community around you.  Each of us has a civic duty to help make a difference. So, giving back is always the right thing to do; but in these books, you will learn how your giving can be a growth strategy and that there are simple ways to add purpose to the things you are already doing, along with strategies and tactics that will allow you to make a BIG difference. Incorporating these fundamentals and practices into to your business and personal routines will set you apart from your competitors and help others, in the process. Just by purchasing these books, you are giving back because proceeds benefit Memphis-based youth literacy programs.

Giving Back with Purpose

Giving for Growth

This book highlights a number of Memphis-based organizations and individuals who are making a difference and shares ways to get engaged! Through the examples, it helps readers create their own roadmap and legacy of making a difference.  It is a locally-focused engagement tool based on principles covered in Giving for Growth.

This book shares the foundation of our LPBC efforts and is a guide to help businesses, nonprofits, and individuals understand The Three Truths of engagement, Trends in Corporate Philanthropy, and the strategies and tactics that will allow you to achieve success while helping others in the process.  

For each of us, purpose and community involvement are defining marks of real success. Giving Back with Purpose is a celebration of regular individuals, Memphis-based corporations and local nonprofits that are leading by example and have made giving a priority. It is an invitation to join the movement – to reinvest in the city we love. The stories you find in Giving Back with Purpose will warm your heart and inspire you to get plugged in. It is a fun roadmap for each of us to create our own legacy of making a difference - sharing tips and trends – and providing a glimpse at how we make Memphis Rock!

"As Governor, I have the privilege of seeing a lot of the great gatherings around the state of Tennessee. The Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club us a place where members of the community come together to hear examples of the many great things happening in Memphis. I appreciate the LPBC and the impact it makes on Memphis."- Tennesee Governor Bill Haslam

Are you looking for a greater purpose in life? Seeking ways to further your career? The key to achieving success can be found in the community around you. Giving for Growth is a handbook for defining your purpose and realizing your dreams through meaningful involvement that benefits others and leaves a lasting legacy. It will empower you to GIVE in order to build relationships that will allow you to GROW.

"The American way of life is under fire. Children born into poverty are less likely to rise than a generation ago. New business formation is trending downward. Capitalism is in danger of losing its broad appeal. Jeremy Park of Lipscomb & Pitts shows how to reverse these trends. Park reveals a timeless truth, once said by Forbes Magazine founder, B.C. Forbes: "The purpose of business is to produce happiness, not pile up money." Giving for Growth is the way forward." - Rich Karlgaard, Publisher/Columnist, FORBES Magazine




Dear cityCURRENT Crew, we can't thank you enough for the incredible honor at the Kathrine Switzer breakfast. Your generosity to GOTR Memphis in this inaugural year has been outstanding. Because of you, we are able to recruit more volunteers, grow community partnerships, and fund our programs at more schools. We could not have asked for a more perfect champion of Girls on the Run.
Joanna Lipman , Girls on the Run Memphis
Over the past several years I've been asked more than a handful of times about Duncan Williams Asset Management's involvement in cityCURRENT. My answer is always the same... Renewing our membership is one of the easiest and best decisions that we make each year! I can't say enough how proud we are to continue to be a member of such a great organization doing truly meaningful work here in the Memphis community.
David Scully , President, Duncan Williams Asset Management
"It is actually hard to put into words the feeling I had meeting and joining with the Memphis 'giving' community at the LPBC Signature Breakfast hosted by Smith & Nephew and in partnership with The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence in August, 2014. To see living embodiments of real and true compassion and caring for others, all gathered in one place gave me some sense of the astounding range, depth and sustained good works the business community in Memphis is doing. It was clear to me
John Hunter, Award-Winning Educator , former guest speaker, and focus of the documentary, "World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements"
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