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At Skillway, we teach people to CRUSH their sales goals and love what they do! We are a premium sales training firm—based out of Nashville, but traveling coast to coast to meet the needs of our clients. In any business, nothing happens until someone sells something. Skillway helps our partners hit and exceed their sales goals.  

Sales. It’s what we do.   

PREMIUM SALES TRAINING:  We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to delivering training topics. We study your business model, learn your sales methods, and uncover the source of your sales challenges. Then, we create custom training that will have a positive impact on your team.   

EXECUTIVE COACHING: For a limited number of select clients, we offer one-on-one coaching solutions. Our specialty is working with top-producing salespeople and executives that lead sales teams.

SALES CONSULTING SERVICES: We roll up our sleeves, dive into the inner workings of your sales organization, and find the best solution to help you achieve your goals.  
Consulting solutions include:

  • Hiring, onboarding, and sales team assessment.
  • Evaluating existing or building new sales processes and documentation.
  • Comprehensive, ongoing sales training programs.
  • Advanced team and customer communication training (we are authorized EverythingDiSC© trainers and resellers).

Check out our website for more info. 


Dear cityCURRENT Crew, we can't thank you enough for the incredible honor at the Kathrine Switzer breakfast. Your generosity to GOTR Memphis in this inaugural year has been outstanding. Because of you, we are able to recruit more volunteers, grow community partnerships, and fund our programs at more schools. We could not have asked for a more perfect champion of Girls on the Run.
Joanna Lipman , Girls on the Run Memphis
Over the past several years I've been asked more than a handful of times about Duncan Williams Asset Management's involvement in cityCURRENT. My answer is always the same... Renewing our membership is one of the easiest and best decisions that we make each year! I can't say enough how proud we are to continue to be a member of such a great organization doing truly meaningful work here in the Memphis community.
David Scully , President, Duncan Williams Asset Management
"It is actually hard to put into words the feeling I had meeting and joining with the Memphis 'giving' community at the LPBC Signature Breakfast hosted by Smith & Nephew and in partnership with The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence in August, 2014. To see living embodiments of real and true compassion and caring for others, all gathered in one place gave me some sense of the astounding range, depth and sustained good works the business community in Memphis is doing. It was clear to me
John Hunter, Award-Winning Educator , former guest speaker, and focus of the documentary, "World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements"
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