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As a privately-funded catalyst focused on enriching and impacting the community, cityCURRENT underwrites and hosts hundreds of events each year. We host a variety of workshops, seminars, receptions, luncheons, social mixers, golf scrambles, and large Signature Breakfast Series events with nationally recognized guest speakers. We organize a number of specialized lunches and events, such as weekly executive lunches, Referral Rectangles, sales force lunches, CFO and CMO lunches, Women in Business & Philanthropy Lunches, and Professional Connection Lunches with the University of Memphis, where business professionals are mixed with students for moderated discussions about leadership, career development, personal branding, and more. 

The Signature Breakfast is one of the most recognizable series of events hosted by cityCURRENT. The breakfasts feature a national guest speaker, and we hold eight (8) per year in Memphis and six (6) per year in Nashville, with hundreds of prominent business and community leaders coming out to enjoy the experience. The goal is to provide a fast-paced, information-packed morning filled with valuable content and positive news and to bring a cross-section of leaders from all sides of our communities - business, nonprofit, education, faith, and government - together to foster teamwork and collaboration.

cityCURRENT also coordinates and hosts volunteer days, nonprofit tours, school tours, fundraising events, Cultural Connections, nonprofit board training events, and more. In essence, every event has an element of philanthropy associated, so that it's woven into everything we do. 

cityCURRENT also produces and hosts a variety of broadcast media that serves to promote positive news and efforts, and increase engagement, as well. Our cityCURRENT Radio Show airs Sundays from 7-8 AM across all four of Cumulus Media Memphis' radio stations, Kix 106, 98.1 The Max, 98.9 The Bridge, and 103.5 WRBO in Memphis, and Sundays from 5-6 AM on 104.5 The Zone, 95.5 NASH ICON, SuperTalk 99.7 WTN, NASH FM 103.3, and 4-5 AM on 92Q, in Nashville. Our television show, The SPARK, airs on PBS' WKNO/Channel 10 the third Friday of each month at 7:30 PM. Our annual televised awards show, The SPARK Awards, airs on WKNO and is broadcast around the holidays. We have a ChangeMakers podcast that's produced monthly, along with a weekly "Giving Back" column in The Commercial Appeal, which is published each Sunday and authored by cityCURRENT CEO, Jeremy C. Park. Park also contributes to Forbes and has written two books, Giving Back with Purpose and Giving for Growth, which both share advice for achieving success in life and business in a way that helps and benefits others in the process. Then, we work with freelance journalists to cover even more positive stories under the banner of GOODworks. 


Example of a Typical Year

104   cityCURRENT Radio Show Tapings

80   Executive Lunches

48   Lunch n’ Learns/Seminars/Workshops/BIG for Memphis Meetings

12   Tapings of our TV show, The SPARK

14     Signature Breakfast Series Events

14     Receptions

6     Professional Connection Lunches with the UofM LEAD program

5     Women in Business & Philanthropy Lunches

10     Nonprofit Tours

4     Social Mixers, Happy Hour Mixers

4     Give Back Afternoons

4     Referral Rectangles

3     Give Back Lunches

2     Samaritan's Feet Shoe Distributions

1     Annual Golf Scramble

1     Taping of The SPARK Awards (Special event taped for television broadcast)

2    End of Year Luncheons

312  Total Events in Memphis and Nashville


"It was very revealing. I had no idea of the broad range of community outreach initiatives involved by the sponsoring members. This is the most positive movement that I have seen in Memphis in a long time and is surely needed. I really enjoyed my visit."
Bill Morris , Former Memphis Mayor
"It is actually hard to put into words the feeling I had meeting and joining with the Memphis 'giving' community at the cityCURRENT Signature Breakfast hosted by Smith & Nephew and in partnership with The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence. To see living embodiments of real and true compassion and caring for others, all gathered in one place gave me some sense of the astounding range, depth and sustained good works the business community in Memphis is doing. It was clear to me that those d
John Hunter, Award-Winning Educator , former guest speaker, and focus of the documentary, "World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements"
Over the past several years I've been asked more than a handful of times about Duncan Williams Asset Management's involvement in cityCURRENT. My answer is always the same... Renewing our membership is one of the easiest and best decisions that we make each year! I can't say enough how proud we are to continue to be a member of such a great organization doing truly meaningful work here in the Memphis community.
David Scully , President, Duncan Williams Asset Management
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