Stacey Wiedower

Stacey Wiedower is an author, freelance writer and interior designer based in Memphis, Tenn. Day to day, she covers design, architecture, art and lifestyle topics for newspapers and magazines, including spotlighting businesses, nonprofits, and companies making a difference in our community through our cityCURRENT GOODworks column. She also writes regular home features for The Commercial Appeal.

She earned a BA in Journalism in 1998, and in past years has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, corporate communications writer and managing editor of a daily business paper. In 2008, she earned an MS in home design & merchandising and spent three years doing “field study” (i.e., working as a staff designer) at a traditional Southern interior design firm – one of the coolest experiences of her career. Now, she puts everything she learned at that job into play as she interviews designers, tours amazing spaces and reports on the latest trends in the world of home style.

Her non-fiction and fiction work has garnered awards from the Tennessee Press Association, the Memphis Society of Professional Journalists and SOLA Writers. In 2014 her first completed novel was chosen as a second-round finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, and in 2011  was chosen to participate in the Moss Workshop in Fiction at the University of Memphis with author Richard Bausch. She's active on Twitter (@staceywwriter), Facebook ( and Pinterest (swied1).

Posted Blogs

  • Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Advisors Employees Engaged

    Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Advisors Employees Engaged

    • February 28, 2018
    Looking back 25 years, Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Advisors was founded with a heartbeat for Memphis growth; and now through Community Advisors the company is giving forward through a focused community initiative.
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  • GOODworks: Good Principles at Principle Toyota

    GOODworks: Good Principles at Principle Toyota

    • November 29, 2017
    Principle Toyota believes success means taking care of the community and the environment in order to establish a strong organization and legacy.
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  • Community Pride with Bob McBride and State Systems

    Community Pride with Bob McBride and State Systems

    • July 25, 2017
    In 1983, Bob McBride received an invitation to join what was then called the Nonconnah Exchange Club. Thirty-four years later, the organization has a different name – it’s now the Exchange Club of Greater Memphis – but one thing hasn’t changed. McBride is still giving back to an organization that’s
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  • Napa Café Exemplifies Heart Full of Soul

    Napa Café Exemplifies Heart Full of Soul

    • June 06, 2017
    Thanksgiving is Glenda Hastings’ favorite day of the year. It isn’t because of the turkey, though she enjoys it. It isn’t because of the family memories it evokes, though she holds those close to her heart. It isn’t even because of the delicious dinners she grew up enjoying on her late mothers table
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  • Teacher Training, Retention Focus for Organizations

    Teacher Training, Retention Focus for Organizations

    • June 14, 2016
    No longer is the narrative of Shelby County’s children reading below grade level and being woefully unprepared for college accepted. The education reform story begins with teachers, and the organizations working to raise the standards, one educator at a time.
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"It was very revealing. I had no idea of the broad range of community outreach initiatives involved by the sponsoring members. This is the most positive movement that I have seen in Memphis in a long time and is surely needed. I really enjoyed my visit."
Bill Morris , Former Memphis Mayor
"It is actually hard to put into words the feeling I had meeting and joining with the Memphis 'giving' community at the cityCURRENT Signature Breakfast hosted by Smith & Nephew and in partnership with The Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence. To see living embodiments of real and true compassion and caring for others, all gathered in one place gave me some sense of the astounding range, depth and sustained good works the business community in Memphis is doing. It was clear to me that those d
John Hunter, Award-Winning Educator , former guest speaker, and focus of the documentary, "World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements"
Over the past several years I've been asked more than a handful of times about Duncan Williams Asset Management's involvement in cityCURRENT. My answer is always the same... Renewing our membership is one of the easiest and best decisions that we make each year! I can't say enough how proud we are to continue to be a member of such a great organization doing truly meaningful work here in the Memphis community.
David Scully , President, Duncan Williams Asset Management
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