Tre Hargett: State & Federal Primary and County General Election on August 6, 2020

Online voter registration site hit more than 600,000 transactions.

Story Highlights
  • Online voter registration site hit more than 600,000 transactions.

The State and Federal Primary and County General Election on August 6, 2020. On this episode, Tennessee Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, discusses the upcoming election, how voters can register online, and more information about the Secretary of State office.

Questions answered during this interview:

  • When is the voter registration deadline to vote on August 6?
  • How can voters register online?
  • When is early voting?
  • What kind of turnout are you expecting for August and the November Presidential election?

The Secretary of State’s online voter registration site hit more than 600,000 transactions.       

  • Do you have any new programs to increase voter registration and participation?
  • How can businesses play a role in increasing civic engagement?
  • Do you have programs for businesses and organizations to help increase voter registration and turnout?

The Secretary of State’s office is continually working to protect our elections.   

  • How did Election Day disaster preparations play a role in successfully holding the primary election after deadly tornadoes?
  • What impact could the Coronavirus have on the August and November elections?
  • Will our elections be safe from outside interference?

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