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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Tips for Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Business

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with serial entrepreneur, Nathan Ruff, who shares his story of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age and learning how to build successful businesses. During the interview, Nathan highlights one of his companies, Rabbit, a charge on the go platform and network of kiosks that rent power bricks, called Carrots, which can be rented and returned anywhere. Nathan also shares many valuable lessons, helpful tips and examples for other entrepreneurs looking to start and build their businesses. He talks about the importance of building a network and how to do so, how to avoid a

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Advocating for Children in Need

This week on The cityCURRENT Show our theme is Advocating for Children in Need. Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Morgan Tansey, Deputy Director, Programs and Opportunities with Best Buddies of Tennessee, who highlights the organization’s history and efforts to establish a volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. During the interview, Morgan discusses their school based programs that start in PreK and extend through college, their Citizens program for adults and ways the community can get engaged. Then, Jeremy talks with Emily Layton, Executive Director of

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Creating Purpose-Driven Companies

This week on The cityCURRENT Show our theme is Creating Purpose-Driven Companies with Author and Corporate Purpose Advisor Bea Boccalandro.  cityCURRENT Host, Andrew Bartolotta, sits down with Bea Boccalandro, author of “Do Good at Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing”. As founder and president of the global purpose advisory firm, VeraWorks, Bea has two decades of experience helping businesses make customer interactions more human, products more inclusive, operations more environmentally sustainable, marketing more charitable or otherwise make work more meaningful. Her clients include Aetna, Bank of America, Disney, Eventbrite, FedEx, HP, John Hancock, IBM, Levi’s,

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Being a Catalyst for Our Community

This week on The cityCURRENT Show our theme is Being a Catalyst for our Community with Mindy Tate of Franklin Tomorrow and Kelly Meyers of cityCURRENT.  Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Mindy Tate, CEO of Franklin Tomorrow, who highlights the independent, community-visioning nonprofit created in 2000 by a group of forward-looking business and community leaders to safeguard the attributes that made Franklin, Tennessee special then for future generations. The organization’s mission is to engage the community, foster collaboration, and advocate for a shared vision for the future of Franklin. During the interview, Mindy talks about their ongoing programs and

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Cultivating Community Growth with the City Administrator for Franklin, Tennessee and Plant the Seed

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Eric Stuckey, City Administrator for the City of Franklin, Tennessee, who highlights the City of Franklin and discusses The Fuller Story initiative, which is a community-based effort to more completely reflect the City’s history by telling important aspects of the community’s history, especially related to the experience of African Americans in Franklin before, during, and after the Civil War. In October of 2019, the community dedicated five historical markers on the town square telling important aspects of the City’s history. In October of 2021, the community dedicated on the town square a statue, called

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Supporting Our Community Through Catalytic Leadership

This week on The cityCURRENT Show our theme is Supporting Our Community Through Catalytic Leadership with Gilda’s Club of Middle Tennessee and Dr. William Attaway. Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Allison Yonker, Program Director for Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee, an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community, which is dedicated to providing support, education and hope to all people impacted by cancer, including family members and friends of those diagnosed. Free of charge to everyone, Gilda’s Club Middle Tennessee provides a gathering place where people with cancer, as well as their families and friends, can join with others to actively

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Spreading Happiness Through Business Ownership featuring John’s Crazy Socks and Dan Aronoff of FranNet

Host Andrew Bartolotta talks to John and Mark X. Cronin, founders of John’s Crazy Socks , a father-son venture inspired by co-founder John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome. John’s affinity for crazy socks paired with his love of making people smile made their mission clear: they want to spread happiness and boy do they! During the interview John and Mark share their love of giving back, becoming the world’s largest sock shop, their connection with the later former President George H.W. Bush and his family, and tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to master quality customer service.

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Growing with an Entrepreneurial Mindset featuring Lemonade Day and Sara Frasca

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Nicole Cassier-Mason, CEO of Lemonade Day, who highlights the national nonprofit’s efforts to help prepare youth for life through fun, proactive, and experiential programs infused with life skills, character education, and entrepreneurship. Lemonade Day is committed to inspiring a culture of aspiration and ambition by teaching youth important life skills, goal setting, financial literacy, and business planning where they learn about teamwork, responsibility, their own aptitudes, problem-solving, and career exploration, all with the guidance of a mentor who serves as their role model. During the interview, Nicole shares the origins and what led entrepreneur

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cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Honoring Heroes in Big Ways

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Chris Parker, President of the Big Machine Music City Grand Prix, who highlights the three-day IndyCar professional race and festival event taking place August 5-7, 2022 in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The course zips through the heart of Music City, passes over the Cumberland River into downtown Nashville, and is a racing spectacle that you won’t find anywhere else. During the interview, Chris talks about bringing the event to Nashville and their inaugural year in 2021, what’s new for 2022, what it takes to put on a race of this magnitude, the economic impact to

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