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cityCURRENT works to power the GOOD through events, media, and philanthropy.

cityCURRENT, powered by Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance + Higginbotham, is a privately-funded catalyst for the Mid-South, Middle Tennessee, and beyond. A team of more than 100 partner companies, including some of the largest employers in the world to mid-size and small businesses, have joined forces and funds to host over 300 events each year, along with an array of positive-oriented media and philanthropic initiatives to enrich, engage, and impact the community. The organization has been serving Memphis and the Mid-South since 2005 and has been serving Nashville and Middle Tennessee since April 2018. 


Power the GOOD (#PowertheGOOD)


cityCURRENT strategically focuses on THREE things:

Philanthropy and Volunteerism

We align resources and efforts to make a collective impact in the community through financial contributions to nonprofits and turnkey volunteer opportunities that engage companies and individuals of all ages to physically give back.

Events for Enrichment and Collaboration

We make it easy for ALL citizens to come together, learn, build relationships and collaborate by hosting events that, by design, bring all sides of our community together. These events include workshops and seminars, panel discussions, a signature speaker series featuring national guest speakers, executive lunches, social mixers, volunteer days, nonprofit tours, and more.

Positive Media

We produce and share positive stories through an array of broadcast media to inspire individuals and organizations and to spread GOOD news and energy.

Overall, cityCURRENT focuses on serving the community and bringing organizations and individuals together to make a difference. We strive to bring everyone together, to provide enrichment events, foster collaboration, and teamwork, champion positives, and empower philanthropy.


Our DNA is rooted in philanthropy and using our collective resources to power the GOOD. We seek to help and inspire others, to ignite positive change and lift our cities and citizens. cityCURRENT is recognized internationally for changing the face of business networking groups by forging a model that’s driven by a sense of passion and purpose for collectively impacting the community. Instead of using our resources to grow inward, we focus on giving outward.


cityCURRENT is comprised of corporate partners, which are all exclusive in their core business categories and come together to underwrite the costs of our events and efforts. The companies contribute each year, and that becomes our budget to do as much GOOD as possible. 

This model enables us to invite citizens to participate in a wide variety of free events and programs, to focus on philanthropy and helping nonprofits, and also to produce an array of positive-oriented media. The partners function as a team, sharing ideas, resources, and referrals, as well. cityCURRENT does offer partner-only programs and events, as well as the free public events.

If you’d like to receive invitations to our public events, positive news, and updates, please subscribe to our free email newsletter, beCONNECTED. If you’d like information on becoming a corporate partner, sponsoring or advertising in our shows, or playing a more significant role in our efforts, please email or call us.


cityCURRENT launched in Memphis in 2005, as a part of a franchise agreement under the original organization name, the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club. Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance helped establish the organization as title sponsor. Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance purchased the rights and took full ownership in 2007, which allowed the organization to change the model and turn it into what you know and see today. In 2016, we rebranded to become cityCURRENT, in order for our organization’s name to better match up with our mission, efforts, and impact. The name cityCURRENT is a call to action for all of us to join and work together as the electric CURRENT to power the GOOD in our communities. In 2018, cityCURRENT expanded into Nashville to also focus on making a difference throughout Middle Tennessee.

In 2020, Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance joined Higginbotham to become one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the nation. This partnership further expanded the reach and support network for cityCURRENT, which has become a philanthropic arm and catalyst for both Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance and Higginbotham.

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