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Our cityCURRENT Radio Show airs each Sunday from 7-8 AM across all four Cumulus Media Memphis radio stations, which reach more than 750,000 listeners each week: Kix 106, 98.1 The Max, 98.9 The Roar, and 103.5 WRBO.

The show focuses on positives and features interviews with a mix of business and community leaders who discuss trends, efforts, lessons learned, and ways to get engaged and make an impact in the Mid-South.


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Good Company Consulting highlight book, “The Future of Work is Human”

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Hannah Ubl and Lisa Walden, c-founders of Good Company Consulting and authors of the book, “The Future of Work is Human: Transforming Company Culture for a Post-Pandemic World,” who talk about their efforts to help businesses create authentic, empowering workplaces and share some of the major themes covered in their book. During the interview, Hannah and Lisa highlight Good Company Consulting and where they like to start when creating the blueprint to building workplaces “that don’t suck.” They discuss what lead them to write the book, share some of the takeaways and recommendations centered

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Harwood Center and efforts to support Mid-South children and families

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Rachel Lauletta, Executive Director of Harwood Center, who highlights the private nonprofit agency that provides education, therapy, and support for Mid-South families and children who have developmental disabilities. Since 1957, Harwood Center has helped more than 5,000 children with developmental disabilities get a better start in life. During the interview, Rachel shares some of the history for the organization and talks about their programs and services, their highly skilled staff, the power of utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis, and how they work with children and families in a very individualized approach to create success. She

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Bruce Meisterman highlights his books, “The Light Inerrant” and “A Coward’s Guide to Living”

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Bruce Meisterman, photographer, writer and author of “A Coward’s Guide to Living” and “The Light Inerrant,” who highlights the two books, along with his first book, “Arn? Narn.”, a photo-documentary of vanishing rural Newfoundland. Bruce’s photography has been exhibited in galleries, private collections, and museums. His work has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Country Journal, Yankee Magazine, and Memphis Magazine. During the interview, Bruce talks about how he lets the characters develop and drive the storylines, discusses his personal approach to creativity and learning, and provides some background on

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Empowering Black & Latinx Students as Entrepreneurs with LITE Memphis

Host Andrew Bartolotta sits down with Larissa Gregory, the executive director of LITE Memphis as she shares their quest to close the racial wealth gap in Memphis, focusing on empowering Black and Latino/a/x students. Discover how their recent significant grant from the NBA Foundation will amplify their mission, allowing them to reach more students and further their impact. Larissa delves into LITE’s inspiring programs, from the 16-week Youth Entrepreneur Program to their extensive 8-year alumni engagement initiative. This discussion not only sheds light on the nonprofit’s transformative work but also the broader vision for a more equitable Memphis. Whether you’re

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Scott Hamilton: His “Why” for fighting cancer with the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Scott Hamilton, Olympic Gold Medalist, Cancer Survivor, and Founder and Chief Volunteer with the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, who shares some of his personal story and what led him to launch the nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient. Established in 2014, CARES stands for Cancer Alliance for Research Education and Survivorship. The organization serves as a neutral convener between organizations, researchers, academic scientists, drug developers and others to accelerate the advancement of less toxic treatments for isolated cancers

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Jared Barnett from Slingshot Memphis and John Martinez from MDRC provide update on MemWorks

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jared Barnett, CEO of Slingshot Memphis, and John Martinez, Vice President and Director of Program Development with MDRC, who each share some background on their organization and the importance of collaborating for MemWorks to identify the root causes of employment roadblocks for Memphis experiencing poverty so evidence-based solutions can be implemented to enable pathways to economic mobility. During the interview, Jared and John provide an update on the insights after concluding the initial round of data research. They discuss five of the ten most significant Roadblocks MemWorks has identified, including insufficient math and literacy

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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis – Celebrating 40 years of impact!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dwayne Spencer, President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis, who highlights some of the history and 40 years of impact in the Mid-South for the nonprofit organization helping local families build or improve places they can call home through affordable home mortgages, rehabilitation projects and renovations to help seniors live in the homes longer. As part of the 40th anniversary, Memphis Habitat’s 600th local homebuyer will be served in 2023. During the interview, Dwayne discusses their Habitat homebuying program and how affordable home mortgages are realized with zero percent interest. He

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Destiny Adoption: Important changes to Tennessee Adoption Laws

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Kristen McBee, Executive Director of Destiny Adoption Services and Consulting, Inc., along with Courtnie Mizer, Assistant Director, who highlight the state licensed nonprofit adoption agency serving Tennessee and Florida that supports and guides birth parents and adoptive families on the journey of adoption. During the interview, Kristen and Courtnie discuss some of the important changes to Tennessee adoption laws that went into effect on July 1, 2023, and why some of the changes are considered groundbreaking, like an expansion of access to living expenses during the entire duration of a pregnancy and up to

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Unlocking the Secret to a Thriving Workplace with Lori-Ann Duguay

Host Andrew Bartolotta dives into the world of employee engagement and the secrets to a thriving workplace with Lori-Ann Duguay, the CEO of People-Powered Solutions. Having navigated the challenges of the traditional corporate world for over two decades, Lori-Ann brings a unique perspective on how to foster environments where people truly want to work, stay, and excel. We delve deep into her 3M (Measure, Map, Mobilize) approach, a transformative roadmap for creating fulfilling workplace cultures that both attract and retain top-tier talent. In her insightful new book, “The Happiness Factor: How to create a positive and productive workplace,” Lori-Ann Duguay

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