Symbiotic Clothing

Helping to Prove Clothing to Those Who Are Homeless.

Zack Kelbaum, Founder and Operator of Symbiotic Clothing, discusses growing up in Canada and being a hockey player, starting and building his first business at age 16, starting Symbiotic Clothing with the mission of #GetOneGiveOne and helping to provide clothing to those who are homeless, the power of helping others, favorite advice and more. 

Symbiotic (def’n): denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.

For each and every item that is purchased from our website, we will donate a brand new clothing or food item to shelters in need around the world, starting in Saskatoon. We will donate high quality women’s clothing, men’s clothing and  children’s clothing.

At Symbiotic Clothing, we are doing our part to help support the 150 million homeless people around the globe.

In helping the global community, and avoiding child labor, 98% of our sale products are sourced from North America. 

With the heart of lion, we can change the world.

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