Memphis Reprographics’ Coloring Book for Kids

After a decade of operating in the Mid-South, most people know cityCURRENT Partner, Memphis Reprographics, for their document management and distribution services predominantly used by architects, engineers and general contractors. However, did you know they also have recently added coloring books for kids to their repertoire? Yes, you read that correctly, coloring books! And these coloring books are Memphis-themed, which give children, and kids-at-heart alike, the opportunity to color notable landmarks throughout the Bluff City.

The idea for Memphis Reprographics to combine their talents and expertise to create a coloring book was inspired by none other than owner and CEO, Chris McNally’s, son, Liam. When sheltering in place began, the McNallys were searching for ways to keep Liam engaged and entertained while remaining safe at home. Knowing the young boy’s heart for his hometown, and seeing the creative way he was already depicting buildings through his drawings, McNally came up with the brilliant idea to create and print a coloring book. Upon bringing this concept to the Memphis Reprographics team they decided to add their own personal touch to the concept by making it an architectural themed coloring book. A true servant leader, McNally comments “We wanted to make something to help with the COVID-19 relief efforts, and we can’t make medical devices – believe me we looked at it. And so, we were like, let’s do something for the kids. Let’s make it free to download. We’re not trying to profit off this in any way, we just want to do something to help.”

So, have you ever wondered what the Bass Pro Pyramid would look like in a shade of orange? Want to add some pigment to Crosstown Concourse by coloring it purple? How about tie dyeing Shelby Farms? Well now you can! Dynamic duo “Mr. Blueprint” and Liam will lead color enthusiasts and creatives on a journey through the free downloadable book’s pages and show you all their personal favorite places that make Memphis such a great place to live. You can print off a couple pages or the book in its entirety if you would like. Just go online to Memphis Reprographics website at to download and access your copy. If you don’t have a printer, no problem, printing is Memphis Reprographics’ specialty and they are happy to donate as many hard copies as you may need.

Memphis Reprographics’ coloring book is a reminder that everyone has something to contribute. Giving back doesn’t have to be complex. Simply leveraging your own personal or professional talents and resources can make a difference and make an impact. Throw in a little creativity and imagination and who knows where powering the GOOD will take you!

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