Chronicle Partners: Comprehensive Legacy & Financial Planning

Chris White, CEO and Co-Founder, and Brian Reichenbach, COO and Co-Founder, of Chronicle Partners, a Nashville-based local, independent advisory firm that specializes in comprehensive legacy and financial planning. During the interview, White and Reichenbach discuss the market fluctuations as a result of COVID-19 and provide an update, along with how they are navigating it with their clients. They also provide insight on ways you can creatively leverage your charitable giving to maximize the gifts both for the nonprofit you seek to support, and for yourself, as well.

Chris & Brian lead Chronicle Partners, a local independent investment advisory firm that specializes in comprehensive legacy and financial planning. Folks that choose to work with Chronicle Partners desire for their lives to be filled with purpose, wise financial decisions and a legacy they are proud of that will impact generations to come.

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Brian and Chris will discuss in more detail on the following topics:

  • Focus on current events (i.e. Coronavirus and how the markets have responded to the pandemic and more specifically fear and how it plays into people’s investing decisions)
  •  Update on the markets since Coronavirus hit the states.
  •  Best way  to navigate the uncertainty and fear regarding current events and future outlook?

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