Day 7 – Reduce Burnout & Promote Wellness!

Candace Clippard, Executive Director

Candace Clippard, Executive Director of Day 7 in Nashville, who highlights their efforts to provide self-care and wellness resources to nonprofit professionals and ministry staff to alleviate burnout and promote individual and organizational health. During the interview, Clippard shares some tips and discusses their Virtual Self-Care Summit taking place September 14-18, 2020. 

Day 7 is a non-profit organization that provides wellness resources to nonprofit and ministry staff to reduce burnout and promote individual and organizational health.

  • Upcoming Event – Virtual Self-Care Summit- Sept 14-18
  • Trends – Over 2,000 nonprofit organizations in the Greater Nashville area, accounting for over $10 billion in revenue, 17% of Nashville’s total wages, 1 in 4 jobs — the problem: almost a 20% turnover rate in the nonprofit sector — Day 7 is here to help
  • Programs – Each plan is designed for an individual’s unique interests, struggles and strengths in order to provide them with the tools necessary to create a new rhythm.
  • How the community can help-
  1. Attend our event to both learn about Day 7 and learn about self-care topics of your interest
  2. Donate to support our work
  3. Join our provider/coaching team (therapists, fitness coaches, nutritionists, etc)
  4. If you work for a nonprofit, church, or ministry- you can sign up to receive services

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