Element 47: Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency

Eric Jackson, Founder and CEO

Eric Jackson, Founder and CEO of Element 47, a digital marketing and web design agency based in Nashville, Tennessee, who discusses strategy and accountability with digital marketing and shares tips for website design, SEO, paid search and lead generation, and more. During the interview, Jackson also shares some advice for those in the marketing industry who have been displaced with the pandemic and are now looking for new opportunities.

  • About Eric Jackson – entrepreneurial background, community involvement 
  • Element 47’s culture; core values and “why”
  • Strategy First – accountability in marketing and the Element 47 process
  • The Unicorn Marketing Director

Learn more:  
Facebook:             https://www.facebook.com/element47co/
Twitter:                  https://twitter.com/element47co
Website:                https://element47.co/
Instagram:            https://www.instagram.com/element47co/
LinkedIn:                https://www.linkedin.com/company/element47co

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