“What Does God Want You to do Before You Die?”, Discussion With Author Callie Daruk

Callie Daruk, talks about how she got started with her career in writing, how her faith was tested and solidified through the premature birth of her twin sons, and what led her to write her 30-day devotion book, “What Does God Want You to do Before You Die?” During the interview, Daruk also discusses some of the major takeaways from the book, how she hopes it will help readers, and where the book can be purchased.

“I am a grateful and smitten wife, a hands-on mother of three spirited boys, and a recovering pharisee. After a 32-year profession of Christianity, I was exposed for the hypocrite I was at the premature birth of my twin sons. After nearly a year-long stay in the NICU with one of my twins, my entire world turned completely upside down and my rose-colored glasses shattered.”

Through her own struggle to find purpose, author Callie Daruk opens our eyes to the importance and urgency of fulfilling our callings. Her thought-provoking reflections cause you to look into your own heart and stir you to ask for yourself the question we should all be asking, What Does God Want You to do Before You Die?

It’s time to take a long hard look at ourselves. Have we as Christians asked what it is we’re supposed to be doing with our lives? Have we accomplished what we’ve set out to accomplish? What are the gifts and callings God has placed in our lives and are we using them?

Visit www.calliedaruk.com to learn more.

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