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Bringing passion and artistry to every detail of interior design.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Becky Rose Grinwald, Owner and Interior Designer with Becky Rose Design, who shares the story of establishing the business in Nashville, Tennessee, after building her interior design career over the last decade in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She facilitates the selections of finishes, fixtures, furnishings and artwork for single room refreshes, complete renovations and new construction. During the interview, Becky Rose discusses home offices, decluttering, design trends, recommendations for refreshing rooms and creating a desired feel, and much more…….

  • need for at-home workspace
    • desks in high demand
    • multi-functional spaces
      • kids homeschooling in kitchen/dining room…
  • need for privacy
    • sound control
    • separate rooms – shifting away from open concepts
  • need for improved technology
  • need for organization
    • purging clutter
  • need for storage
    • work equipment/supplies
    • life supplies on hand – stocking up
    • food/pantry storage
  • need/want for at-home amenities
    • exercise area
    • sauna/spa
    • living outdoor space
    • play area
    • theatre
    • crafts
  • upgrading kitchens & baths
    • cooking more at home
  • upgrading homes
    • you’re spending more time here – paying attention to your surroundings
    • shifting spending – not traveling, but investing in home
    • increase indoor plants
  • increase in outdoor living space
    • by nature, we are drawn to and need fresh air and sunlight
  • more space overall
    • suburban and rural homes are more popular

I established Becky Rose Design when I moved to Nashville 2 years ago from Wisconsin, after building my interior design career at a firm in Milwaukee.

With a decade of experience in the industry, I bring passion and artistry to every detail of interior design.  I facilitate the selections of finishes, fixtures, furnishings, and artwork for single room refreshes, complete renovations, and new construction.  I use an approachable design philosophy to create interiors that encompass lifestyle, evoke emotion, and curate your story.  I absolutely love the relationships that I build throughout the design process, from the artisans, trades, to contractors, and most of all to my clients.  I work on a very personal level, and it is incredibly rewarding to see how I am able to bring joy to their lives by improving their homes both aesthetically and functionally.

My interior design services are available to design and implement these needs for you.

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