Up Squad: On-Demand Custom Branded Social Community and Engagement Platform

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Venki Mandapati and Derrick Reives, Co-Founders of Up Squad, a community for growth allowing individuals and organizations to effortlessly connect, communicate and collaborate. During the interview, Mandapati and Reives highlight the digital platform, the history and growth of the company, the rebrand to UpSquad, and how schools, nonprofits, businesses, churches and even government entities are leveraging the platform. Mandapati and Reives also discuss the investment potential and how potential investors can learn more, as well as organizations who would like to request a demo or learn more about the UpSquad platform.

UpSquad is on-demand custom branded social community and engagement platform for your own organization. Connect all your members in a virtual community to share and learn together.

Visit www.UpSquad.com to learn more about UpSquad. If you are a potential investor and would like to learn more, please visit https://share.hsforms.com/1AKfObUxuTnKA5eoVvyMKBQ4dvgr 

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