Beth Cavenaugh, Author of “Some Light At The End: An End-of-Life Guidebook for Patients and Their Caregivers”

A terminal diagnosis can be scary and the options can feel so limited. Knowing what to expect and what to ask will help you ease into the end of your life with a plan. In this tender yet transparent guide to your final days, experienced hospice nurse Beth Cavenaugh reveals what options you may have as a patient with a terminal diagnosis.

With personal stories and a touch of humor, Some Light at the End helps you find support to understand this process, be better informed, and anticipate the unknown.


About Beth Cavenaugh –  Beth Cavenaugh is a certified hospice and palliative care nurse and educator with over 14 years of experience in caring for terminally ill patients. She has been a registered nurse for over 24 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Creighton University. Beth has supported hundreds of patients and their families at inpatient units, in the home setting, and behind the scenes in hospice care. Compassion, patient autonomy, and transparent communication are at the core of her care philosophy. Beth hopes to demystify death and dying so this powerful moment will be embraced as a normalized and celebrated life event. She continues to work in hospice and has a private Reiki practice to support physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for adults and teens.


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