Kindred Place: Home of the Universal Parenting Place

Counseling, Classes & Support for Parents, Children, and Families.

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Jennifer Balink, Executive Director of Kindred Place, who highlights how the organization is a comprehensive family services destination, providing child development, counseling and relationship support to families across the Memphis metro area for nearly 40 years. Kindred Place helps families navigate the challenges of parenting and partnerships to build stronger connections, improve communication and resolve conflict peacefully. During the interview, Jennifer talks about their programs and impact, some of the lessons learned, and how they were selected to carry forward the work of the Universal Parenting Places, designed for parents who want to safeguard their family’s emotional wellbeing by providing information and intervention at the earliest signs of concern. She also discusses how the community can help by completing a short survey, helping to raise awareness for the organization, accessing their information and events, and more.

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