Michael Towers, Speaking of Your Success – Mental Health Matters

Michael Towers, CEO for Speaking Of Your Success, has a passion for helping people, which is a product of a lifetime experiencing the damaging consequences of mental illness, addiction, and family dysfunction. Michael has turned his pain into his ministry and wants to use his story to help anyone that wants to rewrite theirs.

Michael’s mission is to utilize his expertise in the areas of mental health and chemical dependency counseling to improve the lives of people that suffer. Oftentimes, people struggling with mental illness and addiction cause unintended damage. Hurting people hurt people, and Michael was born with a heart to help hurting people.

Michael’s hope is that he can empower others to positively impact the people that they love, lead, and live near.

The average person spends more than half of their waking hours at work and Michael believes that he can make the biggest impact in the workplace. That means that empowering leaders to lead better has a cascading effect that can be exponentially powerful. By educating organizations on the strategies to address mental health issues their employees will become healthier, and the results positively impact the bottom line.

Learn more: https://www.speakingofyoursuccess.com/

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