We Tight Knit: Chainstitch Embroidery

It's like a tattoo for your clothes!

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Ashley Nicole Padmore and Whitney Washington, Co-Founders and Co-Designers of We Tight Knit, who share some of their personal story of meeting in New York and moving to Memphis to launch their company in 2020 after the discovery for the need for sustainable practices within fashion. The duo found personalization as a perfect way to upcycle clothing by hand stitching logos, designs and art onto woven garments. With a mission to build community through design, collaborating with both established businesses and individuals alike, We Tight Knit is using their means to reshape fashion, art and design. During the interview, Ashley and Whitney talk about some of the lessons learned as entrepreneurs, what they have learned from each other working together, and more.

Visit www.WeTightKnit.com to learn more.

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