cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: A Home Revived with Stacey Johnson and BarbieJo Hatch

This week on The cityCURRENT Show we’re talking about a body renewed, a spirit reborn, and a home revived as host Andrew Bartolotta talks with Stacey Johnson of Annestasis and Home Organizer BarbieJo Hatch.

Stacey Johnson founded Annestasis to walk alongside people who have undervalued and over-committed themselves and are now seeking a breakthrough.

She strives to encourage and coach people to live the life they see for themselves by using multiple tools to help get them there and her process is inspired by the model of being reborn or resurrected. It’s a lifelong journey and she wants to help light the path and to give what we have been freely given.

As a farmer’s wife and mom of 5, BarbieJo Hatch had to master efficiency in all aspects. Being organized with her time was very important while juggling 5 schedules.

Having a large family while living in a small home meant BarbieJo had to be aware of the work flow of their limited space. Everything needed a “home” so they didn’t get surrounded by piles of shoes, clothes, paperwork, etc. Barbie Jo learned how to organize in the tightest of spaces and now teaches you how to go from overwhelmed to organized.

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