cityCURRENT Show on MeTV: Authors Inspiring Others to Find Hope in a Divided America

This week on The cityCURRENT Show we’re speaking with two authors inspiring others to find hope in a divided America.

Frustrated with an increasingly polarized social landscape, award-winning photographer John Noltner set out on a 40,000-mile road trip across the United States to rediscover the common humanity that connects us. He did so by asking people one simple question: “What does peace mean to you?”

cityCURRENT Director of Digital Media, Andrew Bartolotta, sits down with Noltner to discuss the difficult conversations, gentle humor, and a keen eye for beauty, in his new book, Portraits of Peace, which captures a rich collage of who we are as a nation.

D. John Jackson is a Fortune 50 leader with global responsibilities that include strategic planning, engineering, data science, and artificial intelligence.

A creative visionary, he’s an executive producer of documentary films, an author, a strategist, a futurist thinker, a lecturer, and a motivational speaker. His speaking topics are diverse and range from leadership and world history to emerging technologies, economics, and competition in the global marketplace. He is also the founder of 5J Entertainment, a company committed to educating, informing, entertaining, and promoting positive images of African Americans through various forms of media. Its first film documentary, What About Me, explores the untold, unheard, distorted, and misunderstood stories of Black men in America.

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