ChangeMakers Podcast: Michael Graber, Managing Partner of Epic Pivot – Conscious Capitalism and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Michael Graber, Managing Partner of Epic Pivot, who shares his story of growing up in Memphis, Tennessee with both mother and father being entrepreneurs and being surrounded by the musical influences of the city, and how those experiences helped shape his future. During the interview, Michael talks about his work and efforts with Epic Pivot, a transformation, insights, innovation, and strategy boutique on a mission to make business a force of good in the world. He talks about their process, why the transformation to being purpose-driven is so important, and how it can drive new levels of growth for both the organization and the community. The interview covers important trends, Conscious Capitalism, lessons learned, advice for entrepreneurs, and much more.

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About Michael Graber:
Michael Graber is the founder and managing partner of Epic Pivot, a transformation, insights, innovation, and strategy boutique in Memphis. Michael has years of experience advising more than 250 top companies and non-profits, including Cardinal Health, Arrow, FedEx, ServiceMaster, Mars PetCare, St. Jude, Jack Nicklaus, and others.

Pragmatic, edgy, globally inspiring, and yet infused with Southern charm, Michael’s style resonates with a wide range of audiences. A well-established author of multiple books and hundreds of published articles, when not working, you can find Michael playing music around his native Memphis, TN.

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